Newborn Photo Props & Baby B. Sneak Peak

Newborn photo props…

When looking for newborn photo props always look inside the home of your clients!  This is one of my favorite ways to find props and it’s completely their style.  If it is an object that they love enough to put into their home chances are they would love an image containing it especially with their baby in it. When using a bowl such as this you must be very careful.  Bowls are cold and hard.  One trick is to warm up a towel in the dryer just a touch and place it in the bowl to heat the bowl a bit before you add the baby.  Another trick is to line the bowl with something soft before you put baby in.

Remember when it comes to newborn photo props the safety of the baby is the most important thing.  And if baby isn’t into doing this it may not be the right thing to do.   I always take cues from the baby.  If baby is not cooperating, it is not worth it and do something else.


Newborn Photo Props Baby in Bowl Close Up

Newborn Photo Props Teddy Bear

And don’t forget to look for personal toys…passed down teddy bears or that special blanket that grandma made for the baby.

Family session telling secrets

Newborn Session capture older siblings playing

Newborn Session Sibling Fun and Newborn Photo Props

Get the big kids involved in your newborn session…

Get the siblings involved in playtime and telling you their stories.  Even the fun band aids I think added a touch of “real” to this session.

This was such a great session.  We played and little baby B. looked so adorable.  Check out all that red hair and her bright blue eyes…melt my heart.  I think these looks say a lot about her personality.  She’s got a lot to take in with brother and sister who showed me a lot of personality and energy.  I even came home with a homemade piece of jewelry that I will treasure from big sister…compliments of the next generation fashion jewelry designer.  We even got to chase some crabs on the beach…can’t beat a day like that 🙂



Baby Photo Shoot Future Pilot Baby G.

Baby pilot photo shoot

Baby photo shoot

Baby photo shoot future pilot

Baby photo shoot stars future pilot session

Baby photo shoot …maybe a future pilot?

This baby photo shoot was so much fun.  We had a blast at our maternity session and now the baby is here!  Baby G. is such an adorable little guy and he was a perfect little model for me.   I absolutely loved his patriotic room with stars and planes which is perfectly fitting since Daddy is a Naval pilot.  Celebrating this new beginning with such a wonderful family is truly a blessing for me.  Thought this was the perfect post for Memorial Day when we are celebrating how grateful we are for all the military who give up so much for us along with their families that deserve to be honored.  There were so many to choose from but these were just a few of my favorites.

Six Month Old Sweet Baby R.

Six Month Old Baby Photo Session

Six Month Old Baby Pink Dress and Bubbles

Six Month Old Baby Photo Session

Six Month Old Baby Session…how did we get here so fast?

Six months old and growing so fast…I absolutely have so much fun with this family.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the future and how adorable she is going to be at a year old.  It’s hard to believe half of a year has already gone by.  When it comes to baby photo shoots, this first year is so important.  The first year is a year of major growth and change.  The changes are not only in the baby but also in the family.  This crew is on there way to a beautiful family.  I am looking forward to next time and seeing just how much she grows in the next six month.  These also just make me love springtime…you can almost smell the fresh air and feel the breeze of spring in these images!

Newborn Photo Shoot Baby P & Her Frog

Newborn Photo Shoot with an adorable baby and a big stuffed frog…

This was such a great session…baby slept the first half and then was awake for the second half.  Giving us the best of both worlds we were able to capture her eyes open and closed.  In a newborn photo shoot sleeping babies are like gold and I actually love it when we can peak at babies eyes.  We even got the dog Gina to cooperate for a few and she’s a little camera shy.  I just love this image of mom and baby.  Check out baby P’s bright eyes as she poses for me in her froggie chair…I love that!

Newborn Photo Shoot Baby in Frog Chair

Newborn Photo Shoot Baby Face

Newborn Photo Shoot Dog Photography

Newborn photo shoot baby in basket



Smiley C./ Jacksonville Newborn Photography

Baby keep smiling!

Happy New Year a little late and hey baby keep smiling!  Thanks to everyone for making this a really busy Christmas season for me.  I thought I would start the new year off right with a highlight of a brand new beautiful baby.  We caught baby C. with the biggest smile ever.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  And check out those beautiful lips.  I have had a great time with this couple…only about a month before our newborn session, we did a maternity session at the beach.  This image was caught as they were waiting for their beautiful baby girl’s arrival.  I can’t forget about the other member of the family whose life changed when baby came home (better know as Max)…I love seeing the four legged “first” baby on the move too…that makes me smile.

Baby Keep Smiling Newborn

Baby Keep Smiling Newborn Session

Smiling Baby Newborn Session


Pictures of Joy Twins Photo Session

Pictures of Joy…

So joyful, so in motion and so spontaneously funny mood swings…these are just a few of the things I love about babies.  These images were captured right at the very end of this six month old session.  Last time I saw them they were newborns and now they are sitting up, crawling and on the move.  As the two little pictures of joy crawled around racing each other moods swing as in any fierce competition.  These two little boys were full of surprises and I think these images speak volumes about their personalities.

Pictures of joy babies in motion

Pictures of Joy baby shoot

Bundles of Joy Twins photo session


Baby Basket Newborn Session / Newborn Photography

Baby Basket newborn shoot…

This was an absolutely fun newborn session that I did on-location in St. Augustine last week.  We had a blast and baby did pretty much everything we wanted her to do.  Since babies usually run the show in newborn sessions, I usually let them lead the way.   Baby R. at 8 weeks old made a perfect little model and had so much personality.  So we showcased that personality taking full advantage of her awake and sleepy times.  It was so hard to decide my favorites for the blog but the baby basket images of her were so adorable.  I am so excited to share the rest with her mom and dad…it will be soon guys promise 🙂  I feel so privileged to meet another great couple who are going to be awesome parents.  Ok everyone check out this cutie…

Baby Basket Newborn Shoot

Baby Basket Newborn

Baby Basket Newborn Closeup

Baby Photo Pink Peace hat

Baby Photo Newborn Face

A&A…double fun / Jacksonville Newborn Photography

Twin boy newborn photography…double fun!

Twin boy newborn babies…I am in love!  I’ve known this family for a long time and I was so excited when I found out that they were expecting twins.  Here is just a sneak peak of the newborn session from the studio.  The babies were wide awake most of this time!  Such a great time and I even got to meet the Grandparents.  Two more boys…the girls in this household are so outnumbered now!

For newborn sessions, I like to use natural light as much as possible.  Because natural light is my light of choice I like to use the windows of the studio.  However, when photographing newborns be careful of bright natural light or direct sunlight.  Newborn baby eyes just can’t take that much light and you want to watch for unflattering patterns on faces if the light is coming through a window.  Look for good light…light that skims the skin almost like being lit by a giant studio softbox.

Twin boy newborn photography is double the fun and double the blessing 🙂

Twin boy newborn photography with the siblings

Siblings with twin boy newborn photo session

Photo session siblings with twin boy newborns...big sister



Kids photo ideas little cuties, a tutu, and a giraffe chair

Kids photo ideas have a sister session!

So how about a sister session?  Here are some very adorable sisters and some simple kids photo ideas.

Most of you think of me as “have camera will travel” kind of girl.  I have totally enjoyed my new place.  The energy of a child I wish I had…these two had a ton of energy that day.  We played dress up and just in general had fun!  Sometimes all you need is a cool chair, some favorite toys, a couple of tutus and the most important part sisters with a lot of personality.

Kids photo ideas use a favorite toy

Kids photo ideas how about a giraffe chair

Sisters will be Sisters! 🙂

kids photo ideas sisters session