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Then & Now Kids growing up through my lens /

Back to CA from FL so time for a Then and Now of M. & C… Back from my month in Jacksonville Florida and to start it off I am featuring a “Then and Now” of M. & C.  They are twins with a lot of personality!  As a childrens photographer, I see a lot of different personalities.  And […]

Then and Now…Danita Brooks Photography / Jacksonville Kids Photography

Then & Now Series...they grow way too fast /

Then and Now Series…they were little and now they are not as little… I’m starting “Then and Now” Series.  Kids photography is so important to me…they change so fast and it happens before my eyes (and my camera lense).  As a newborn and family photographer, I get the privilege of seeing my families grow and […]

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Dog Photography...we were told she was a Chihuahua but turned out way bigger /

Chihuahua…she is not 🙂 Chihuahua or may I say “sweet we don’t know what she is mix”.  This is our other baby and some of you may have heard her story.  We were told by the Humane Society that she was a Chihuahua…not so much!  I love the Humane Society but they were slightly off […]