Newborn Photo Props & Baby B. Sneak Peak

Newborn photo props…

When looking for newborn photo props always look inside the home of your clients!  This is one of my favorite ways to find props and it’s completely their style.  If it is an object that they love enough to put into their home chances are they would love an image containing it especially with their baby in it. When using a bowl such as this you must be very careful.  Bowls are cold and hard.  One trick is to warm up a towel in the dryer just a touch and place it in the bowl to heat the bowl a bit before you add the baby.  Another trick is to line the bowl with something soft before you put baby in. Remember when it comes to newborn photo props the safety of the baby is the most important thing.  And if baby isn’t into doing this it may not be the right thing to do.   I always take cues from the baby.  If baby is not cooperating, it is not worth it and do something else.   Newborn Photo Props Baby in Bowl Close Up Newborn Photo Props Teddy Bear And don’t forget to look for personal toys…passed down teddy bears or that special blanket that grandma made for the baby. Family session telling secrets Newborn Session capture older siblings playing Newborn Session Sibling Fun and Newborn Photo Props

Get the big kids involved in your newborn session…

Get the siblings involved in playtime and telling you their stories.  Even the fun band aids I think added a touch of “real” to this session. This was such a great session.  We played and little baby B. looked so adorable.  Check out all that red hair and her bright blue eyes…melt my heart.  I think these looks say a lot about her personality.  She’s got a lot to take in with brother and sister who showed me a lot of personality and energy.  I even came home with a homemade piece of jewelry that I will treasure from big sister…compliments of the next generation fashion jewelry designer.  We even got to chase some crabs on the beach…can’t beat a day like that 🙂    
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