Baby M. / Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography Session of my dreams…

Ahhh this baby was soooo sweet at her newborn photography session and so are the siblings!  Baby M. did a perfect job being a little princess at our photo shoot.  I loved photographing her and her three siblings. So how do you get four children to pose for you?  This is one of the biggest questions that comes up with newborn photography sometimes.  Some newborn photographers may answer…you have to have really great kids.  Just kidding :)… but this crew was really amazing.  Or you have to bribe them with ice cream and candy 🙂  Newborn photography sessions can be tricky especially when there are other children involved (or “stars”).  Actually these kids were so good…mom prepped them beforehand and they came excited ready to do our newborn photography session.  We all had so much fun. So…
  • prep mom beforehand…tell her have fun and not to stress (easier said than done)
  • prep the kids on what you are doing
  • get the kids involved as your “assistants”
  • if one doesn’t want to assist…that is ok too.  Play to that one’s strengths 🙂  Maybe they need to be the center of attention for a few minutes as the big kid.
I love having fun at newborn sessions and getting the big kids involved.  Play with them and being a big kid myself…just hoping no one is shooting a youtube video of me in the process.  Ok this has got to be one of my favorite sweetest sibling shots…love love love! Newborn Photography let's get the big kids involved too / Newborn Photography / Newborn Photography let's get the big kids involved too / Newborn Photography baby in a big sweet /

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