Atlanta's portrait paintings of children or pets...or both together.

Let’s celebrate this fleeting time and create a piece that will be cherished for generations. Do you want to capture a particular expression or that sweet baby face?

As a children’s and pet portrait artist, here is a little bit about my process…

Consultation (by phone or in-person if you are close):

  • Let’s start by talking about where your painting will hang so we can discuss size and what your vision is. Your style is important to me as well as the feeling we want to capture in the painting. I can suggest clothing choices and locations.
  • You may already have a photo that you love. 
  • If you are close to my area, I would love to photograph your child for their portrait. We will set the appointment for the photoshoot and decide the details that will give us a look we want for the painting.

Deciding our favorites reference images and then the painting begins:

  • Once we have our reference images, we will discuss which one works best for the art. Once this decision is made, I get to work creating the painting.

Final Changes / Delivery:

  • And the big reveal! The portrait painting is complete, and I will email you a photo gallery of the art. This way, you can review it before delivery. If any alterations need to be made, they can be made before delivery or mailing the portrait painting. Then you just get to enjoy it!

To commission a portrait painting, please email me for current pricing or if you have questions. I would be glad to discuss options with you.

Portrait Painting FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions about the portrait paintings but as always feel free to email me your question.

As a children’s and pet portrait artist, here is a little bit about my process…

How long does it take to paint an oil painting?

I get this question all the time…How long did that take you? I usually have a waiting list of painting clients because I can only do so many at a time. Once the image is decided, it usually takes me 8-12 weeks to complete depending on size and complexity.

How long does it take to paint a pastel painting?

Pastel portraits take about 6 weeks to complete from the time of image selection depending on details and size.

What age works best for a painting?

I think the classic age to paint children is around 3-5, but I believe there is something great about each age. So I love to paint many different ages and bring out the character that exists in them at that particular stage.

Do you paint multiple kids on one painting?

With my style, I do like painting children together. For multiple children, I prefer a fun modern style painting that shows each of their personalities individually even though they are in the same painting. I also prefer to paint multiple children on large canvases, so for a small canvas, I stick to one subject.

Will you do a painting from a photograph I already have?

Yes, as long as we have the rights from the original photographer to use the photo and it will work well for a painting. I will gladly paint a favorite.

Will you fly to photograph my children for a painting?

Yes, I travel, and I love to meet my clients in person. We can discuss travel if you would like me to fly to your area and the costs involved.

So how can we get started?

Let’s set a time for a phone consultation. This gives me a great chance to hear exact details of what you want and we can discuss pricing and logistics.