You adore your family

You want to celebrate these short years of childhood. I can help you do that beautifully.


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PORTRAIT PAINTER & lifestyle FAMILY photographer

Based in atlanta

Some of the best portrait paintings and photo sessions have been when my clients are in the thick of things. These are the moments. Reality setting the stage for something beautiful.

Is a new baby on the way? Or a milestone coming? Moments come and go.

So what’s your story?

Maybe you would love to have gorgeous photos of your children adorn your living room gallery wall. Or perhaps you want a modern one of kind painting to cherish your beautiful baby’s face.

As my kids have gotten a little older now, I realize how quickly the time flies. Life does move pretty fast.

I encourage you to take the time because, yes, it will never be perfect. Therein is where beauty lives.

Hi I'm Danita ~ I photograph families and paint children's portraits for moms who want to remember the realness that we call motherhood.

I have been in your shoes.

Most days, there is a coffee in my hand at all times to keep up.

The kids each have an issue, or the dogs ran in with mud on their feet.

Also, I have had all the excuses (and mom guilt). No time, wow, I should have done this yesterday.

Why did I put that off again?

But what I do know now is it’s ok. Now is the perfect moment because we are at our BEST when it’s not perfect!

We all have moments that connect us to experiences.

Your Beautiful Story

Told Through real photos & real moments

Palm Trees by Danita Brooks Photographer and Portrait Artist


"What is done in love is well done."

-Vincent van gogh-

Painting of the California Coast by Danita Brooks

I Actually Have a Degree

I’m Obsessed With

chocolate (only dark)

in art (arch drop out :)

what keeps me motivated

My Favorite Person is

seeing ideas come to life

my husband!

nothing makes me happier than

my favorite place ever

the 3 kids below

beach in the morning

My perfect hobby

to paint ...xoxo

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Life moves pretty fast make sure to catch the views. Whatever your stage of life, let's talk about how we can capture the reflections of your real life story.

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