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Chihuahua…she is not 🙂

Chihuahua or may I say “sweet we don’t know what she is mix”.  This is our other baby and some of you may have heard her story.  We were told by the Humane Society that she was a Chihuahua…not so much!  I love the Humane Society but they were slightly off on this “small” dog.  This dog portrait was taken after we had her for a couple of weeks and now looking back I can see why everyone was saying “wow she’s a chihuahua but she has kind of big paws…are you sure?”.  Before we knew it she outgrew the purse we were thinking about!

Now she is a big sweetheart.  She makes me laugh everyday from her long lanky run as those big paws slide across our hardwood floors as we come home.  To begging for bananas and sleeping at my feet while I edit pictures on my computer, she is always by my side.  My sidekick thinks she is a Chihuahua…she thinks she is small.  But she is one big doggie with a sweet heart.

Dog Photography...we were told she was a Chihuahua but turned out way bigger /