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Childrens Photography by Danita Brooks

Childrens photographer mini session with favorite toy / danitabrooks.com

Childrens Portrait Photography by Danita Brooks

Childrens Photography with a little help from that favorite toy!

Childrens Photography should be fun and how fun to bring your child’s “baby”.  This special toy can make any childrens photography session go better!  What is more comforting to a child that their special things.  Do you remember your favorite toy growing up?  I bet you do…mine was my curious george stuffed animal.  He went everywhere with me!  So why not throw that toy into your bag on the way to a photo shoot.  And maybe even include the favorite blankie too!

This is a mini session that we did here at the studio.  I wanted to capture her toddler energy along with the quiet moments.  She was on the move most of the time and had her best friend “e” the frog with her.  We ran, played and who can resist those eyes.  She is a beauty!  I think this just shows how much personality and energy she has.  I wish I could be 17 months again…not a care in the world 🙂