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How long does it take to paint a pastel portrait?

How long does it take to paint an oil portrait painting ?

Pastel portraits are a bit quicker to paint because there is no drying time. So a typical small pastel portrait painting will take about 2-4 weeks to complete from the time of image selection and depending on details. Larger more complex (more people) will take about 6-8 weeks for completion.

This is a common question—people ask me all the time so how long did that take you? I have a waiting list of painting clients because I can only do so many. Once we finalize the reference image choices, a large painting (above 16x20) usually takes me 8-16 weeks to complete depending on size and complexity. Most smaller paintings (16x20 and under) take around 6 weeks.



What age works best for children's portrait painting ?

Do you paint multiple kids in one painting ?

While my style does lend itself to painting children together, there are some things to think about for the future—which child will want the painting as adults, and what is the purpose of the painting. Is it to capture everyone together or to make everyone feel individually unique? For multiple children in a portrait painting, I prefer a fun modern style painting that shows each of their personalities individually even though they are in the same piece of art. I also prefer to paint multiple children on large canvases, so for small paintings, I stick to one subject.

The classic age to commission a children's portrait painting is around 3-5, but I believe there is beauty in each era of a child's life. I love to paint many different ages, and my style of fun modern candid portraits does this really well at any age.

childrens portrait paintings

About portrait painting reference photo choices

While I do offer a photo session if you are local, maybe you are wondering if an image would work from the past. As long as the image fits my painting aesthetic and you have the rights for use in a painting, I will gladly paint a favorite.

Oil painting or pastel portrait painting?

Which one works best? sometimes this depends on the image being painted or the feeling you want in your home.

oil portrait paintings

pastel portrait paintings

Oil portraits are timeless. One of my favorite things about oil paint is the texture of the brush strokes. While I tend to paint with more realism, I appreciate the way the brush strokes play on the canvas.

I paint oil portraits on an archival stretch canvas. We can discuss where you will hang your painting, and if it will be framed. Framed canvas is always without glass.

Pastel portraits have a depth that draws you in like a warm cup of coffee. There is something timeless about this medium. Since the Renaissance, pastel paintings have been with us (a favorite of Leonardo da Vinci—no wonder I love them).

I paint pastel portraits on sanded archival pastel paper, which allows me to build up the painting in layers, producing a timeless depth and color.

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The Big Reveal

Decide the reference images



Once we have the reference images decided, then I get to work painting the portrait. Oil paintings take a little bit longer to paint and pastel paintings usually take a shorter amount of time. At this stage, you get to sit back and wait for the big reveal.

Let's start by talking through the details of your painting—we discuss all the logistics, where your painting will hang in your home, and answer any of your questions. We also talk over any photo session plans (whether the photos are done by me or someone else) or if you have a favorite photo we talk through the options.

The portrait is complete, and I will send you a photo gallery of the finished piece. This way, we can review it before final delivery. If any final touches are needed, I can complete them at this time. Then the final portrait is mailed to you for you to enjoy.

The big reveal of my portrait portfolio—stay tuned.


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