Family Photo Session

When I say family (it OFTEN includes a newborn, the dog, the in laws :)

Times change. Life changes us. But the moments still seem like yesterday—only I wish I had more of it captured.

Those sweet expressions and faces grow up, changing almost with the seasons. Each stage of childhood (or puppyhood) comes with great adventures, but we often hear those famous words—"remember when."

What do you want to hang on to?

Trust me the thought might be different in 10 years, I remember being sleep deprived, hoping everyone would take a nap, and praying my husband didn't slam the door by accident on the way in to the house.

Newborns make the rules

We will talk about all the details whether this is the first baby or the fourth. Similar to the family session however a little bit more time is added to my schedule in case of extra feedings, fussy siblings, etc. Always fun, and real—we get to know each other quick during newborn sessions!


Family photo sessions should be fun

Most of your stress for a photo shoot should revolve around what will we eat afterwards not during a shoot. We talk about where, when and what we want to accomplish during our family shoot.


The portrait of a lifetime

How to

Portrait paintings are usually an event, a milestone, or a memory you will never want to lose. One of my favorite things is seeing life unfold in paint on a canvas with the fresh smell of turpentine (or pastel dust in the air). We will discuss the ins and outs—to create a celebration on canvas.





Dream big

dream big



Contact me to schedule an initial phone call. During our call we can talk over all the details, and answer any questions you may have. Set up a call here.


now it's time to set our date

Once we look over all the details, and have figured out our master plan for the photo shoot or portrait painting. It's time to set the dates to the details. My session fee is $200 and secures your date in my calendar.


the time has come to have fun

Let the fun begin! This is my favorite part (the action, the drama, and the light—I love good light). The kids will be kids, and I will encourage you to let any stress melt away (even if it requires a little bubbly to do so :).


the images are ready for you to view in a gorgeous slideshow—& to pick your collection

Collections all come with a print credit and a set of digital files. We have 3 to choose from according to what you want, and the best part is the system is super easy to choose. I am here to help you the whole way through.

dream big

ready set go

This is the beginning of a beautiful story.

Photo sessions are available in Atlanta, GA & also serving Jacksonville, FL and beaches area on select dates. Are you ready to talk about your dream shoot or portrait painting?

Yes I am

Questions and answers

What do we wear ?


Let's get to the most asked question first—what do we wear or I like to say "what should we not wear." :) We will talk about it, and your choices all depend on the location, the mood for the session we want, and time of year. I'm here to help with these choices, so feel free to ask questions. I have lots of advice about how to pick your outfits and better yet what not to wear.

When do I see the images?


About 2-3 weeks after our amazing session, we will schedule a time for you to view a slideshow. Once you view your slideshow your images will land in your own personal shopping and downloading area for you to download the images in your collection as well as use your print credit. Completely virtual however, if you get stuck along the way with any decisions—I am here to help.

Do you allow large family groups?


Yes, my style lends itself to capturing moments, not just posed portraits. I also try to capture your family, laughing, playing, and having fun together. My goal is to capture “who you are” not just what you look like. I do lots of session with big family groups throughout the year, so please feel free to contact me for more information if you want an extended family session

What do clients usually purchase?


Since my style of shooting lends itself to creating wall displays or showing your story in a great album our collections all include digital files plus a print credit. Therefore, since most clients have the digital files they desire the print credit goes towards our custom pieces such as wall images or albums. We also have a collection containing all the files so it's up to you.

We are ready to go!

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