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Solace For the Children…what a wonderful time we had this year!

Imagine seeing the ocean for the first time…I had the pleasure of seeing H. see the ocean for the first time at my first Solace for the Children session this summer.  It took my breath away!  So his host family had him all decked out with a life vest and an Avengers ring around his waist.  As he sprinted towards the ocean he stopped in awe.  Then he started dancing and literally had I not had the camera plastered to my face I would have lost it.

I love the excitement and the energy these children have despite their circumstances. That energy is contagious and the stories these children have are inspiring! To see children who come to America for the hope of healing and to see how far many of them have come. I got to see A. standing on the beach after 3 years of surgery for his foot and he now is walking with no crutches. To see one little girl who’s story is so powerful standing with confidence in front of my camera, and her smile is the only thing you see now as her burns are almost totally healed. To see S. who loves to play jokes and looks really close to see you because he can’t hear or see very well… he makes me laugh every time and his love for life is amazing.

I hope to have half the courage and love that these kids demonstrate. Every one of these children has a story and I could go on and on. This year was so much fun photographing all the families and kids…I feel like I grow and appreciate life even more with every child I meet 🙂

If you are interested in seeing more about this charity, please visit their website for more inspiring stories about these wonderful kids…Solace For the Children

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