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Jacksonville Childrens Photography Then & Now Kids growing up through my lens | Danita Brooks Photography

Jacksonville Childrens Photography Then & Now Kids playing on the beach | Danita Brooks Photography

Back to CA from FL so time for a Then and Now of M. & C…

Back from my month in Jacksonville Florida and to start it off I am featuring a “Then and Now” of M. & C.  They are twins with a lot of personality!  As a childrens photographer, I see a lot of different personalities.  And these two are completely unique personalities and this was even evident back when they were toddlers.  I love using these personalities to show their own individual expressions and joy.

These two just have fun!  Boys can make anything fun most of the time.  I love the action at our photo sessions…boys just being boys with lots of laughing and playing.  One of the things that I love about being a childrens photographer is coming up with ways to keep kid’s attention (which can be really short as we all know all too well).  I love acting like a big kid…chasing kids down the beach, having a race or playing goofy games.  So whether I’m taking your children’s photographs or your taking your own, remember to play with them.  That is their language…they speak and relate to playing, laughing and having fun.

Remember how fast they grow…as a childrens photographer it does feel like a blink of an eye watching them grow.

From photo shoot to photo shoot and seemingly in the blink of an eye, these two have sprouted big time.  Their first session seems like it was yesterday.  That’s a session were we were chasing them a lot!   By a lot I mean a lot and feeding them snacks along the way too!  So as the cheerios and goldfish were flying, I also remember a dog walked up at just the right time for me to get some last minute smiles at our earliest beach session.  Random beach walkers with cute dogs are a great distraction at times for tired toddlers.

I had an absolute blast at this session in FL and I can’t wait to see how much they grow the next time!  Just one of the many joys of being a childrens photographer is the relationships that grow as well…I love that!